2019 Women in the Word Conference Details

Sitting, Standing, and Swapping Seats
Trusting in the Sovereignty of God

As women faced with the temptation to be perfect, we often find ourselves striving to gain a sense of control. It’s easy to say that we trust God but live like it’s all up to us. Together, let’s behold the magnitude of who God is from eternity past to His everlasting kingdom. We’ll unpack God’s word and take a creative look at Revelation 21:5-7 through the use of the potter’s wheel and spoken word poetry. Stop striving! Rest in the knowledge that He is completely and infinitely sovereign, and not just sovereign, but abundantly good. He invites thirsty people to take a seat at His table, drink from the water of life without cost, and enjoy Him now and forever.

Adria Warner: 2019 Women in the Word Conference Speaker

Our Speaker

Adria Warner has been an art educator at Trinity Christian Academy in her hometown Dallas, TX for nearly 20 years. Called to teach, her true delight is bringing the word of God to life, observing the eternal in the everyday moments. She is a maker of objects and a visual storyteller of her faith and failures through the lens of motherhood. She and her husband Robert, who is a graduate of Emmaus Bible College, enjoy speaking annually at Horton Haven Christian Camp. They and their three children fellowship at Community Bible Chapel in Richardson, TX.

Jill Phillips: 2018 Women in the Word Conference Musician

Our Musicians

Dustin and Andrea Rose have been married for 13 years but have been singing and making music together for much longer. Dustin is a full time Middle School music teacher and Andrea is a full time licensed school counselor, and they are both actively involved in the leadership at their home church in Gresham, Oregon. They have performed live music up and down the West Coast, and Dustin is currently working with his record producers on his next CD.

A Little History

More than twenty-five years ago, godly women of vision in the Dubuque area established an annual conference designed to encourage and challenge women through God-honoring, Bible-focused ministry along with inspiring music and great fellowship. Emmaus Bible College is honored to continue this legacy, serving new generations of women who love God’s Word and thirst to know it more.


Women in the Word Ministries claims Luke 8:15 as its theme verse. In the Parable of the Sower, Christ himself explains that those who receive the seed in good soil “are the ones who, hearing the word, hold it fast in an honest and good heart, and bear fruit with patience” (Luke 8:15, ESV). Our objectives for the conference are:


  • To challenge and encourage women with in-depth study of the Bible and practical application to life.
  • To enhance fellowship among old friends and new around the person of Christ and love for God's Word.
  • To encourage a spirit of praise, thanksgiving, and joy through inspiring music and testimony.